Day 30 of my 30 Day Doodle Challenge

The final day of my 30 day challenge has arrived and I have got there. It has been a very interesting experiment in making the mundane interesting day after day. No insta-life here just the unsexy daily routine.

I started the drawings in the morning and on average took me about 2-3 hrs to complete. Some days I was more inspired than others which effected the timings. This certainly comes out in the the images, where the detail is less or the ideas are somewhat lacking.

If pushed to answer which I like the best I think I would choose Day 24 😀

What next, well, I’m not going to be doing a daily draw but I think I am going to revert back to a weekly one as this is more manageable time wise. I am also thinking of doing some more sketch noting.

I have some ideas for other projects. One of those projects is to turn a drawing into real physical art and this would be a linocut to start off with but I would also like or experiment with wood cuts too. It’s not something I have done since school days, so watch this space.

Day 30 of my 30 Day Doodle Challenge